The Film

Our film is a collaboration of voices whose stories aren't normally told in mainstream cinema. Our crew is composed almost entirely of industry minorities; a scrappy band of filmmakers who have found that genre films are the best place to create the change we wish to see. Oh yeah… and we love horror.

The Story

After a failed suicide attempt, Michael reluctantly begins to make friends in the psych ward where he wakes up. Fellow patients Hunter, Joe, and Rachel explain the hospital’s urban legend - a malevolent entity named Hattie haunts their halls, latching herself to patients who attempt suicide but don’t leave a note. When Michael becomes Hattie's next target, he must stop Hattie from killing everyone he makes a connection with.

Mental Health and Film

The Quiet Room tackles issues of mental health, a subject close to our hearts. Often times in film, particularly the horror genre, people suffering from mental illness are misrepresented or worse; villainized. Our story features an unlikely group of outcasts coming together to overcome a seemingly impossible force. The Quiet Room is an opportunity to externalize a struggle that is internal by nature and show that there is hope even in the darkest of places.


Suicide Hotline: Call 1-800-273-8255