Sam Wineman


Sam Wineman is a horror director in the Los Angeles area. After graduating UC Berkeley, he earned his MFA in Film Production from Chapman University. While completing his graduate degree, Sam worked as a development intern for Blumhouse Productions. In the summer, he teaches film production at Stanford University's Pre-Collegiate Summer Institutes. He loves drag queens and scary movies and seeing what happens when you mix the two. For more images, click here.


Alexandra Corvino


Alexandra Corvino is a busy business lady with a passion for bringing a big vision to life. After graduating with a finance degree and spending two years in management at a financial firm, she soon realized that her love of filmmaking was far too big to ignore. When she isn't busy creating budgets, negotiating deals, and keeping up with her bravely ambitious team, she spends her time training for marathons, wine tasting, and hanging out with her ginormous Ragdoll cat. 


Brent Bailey


Brent Bailey is a third year cinematography grad student at Chapman University. He grew up in Portland, and went to Baylor, where he studied biochemistry. Crowing up, he always made movies and music videos with friends but really discovered his love of cinematography at Baylor. He loves horror films, musicals, 30 Rock and root beer floats.



Kaitlin Hollingsworth


Kaitlin Hollingsworth is a graduate student at Chapman University where she studies Film Production with an emphasis in editing. While she has worked on a number of different genres in film, her favorite has always been horror and thriller because she loves creating a good scare (much to the dismay of her mother, who wants her to make the next "Little House on the Prairie" or "Anne of Green Gables.") She is currently working as a post production assistant on Rob Reiner's new film "Shock and Awe."


 "Lisa" Xiang Li


Lisa is a Chapman University student in Film production with an emphasis in Sound Design. She studied recording technology and film sound design at the Beijing Film Academy and received her Bachelor of Arts there. The short film she sound designed, "It's Just A Gun" won the silver medal at the Student Academy Awards. She has also been nominated by the Motion Picture Sound Editor Verna Fields Award in 2017. 


Yuge Hu


Yuge Hu is a graduate production designer at Chapman University. She designed the film "Furbots" and "The Burier" in her first year, and "Marty and Stacy's Pixelated Dream show in her second year of study at Chapman. Her favorite film is "A Perfect World" (1993).